Why Solar Powered?

A water feature makes an ideal choice for a focal point in a garden. However, installing a mains connected water feature can be time consuming, disruptive and costly. There is an alternative – a solar powered water feature. There are many advantages to installing a solar powered water feature and if you pick a water feature which is also self contained then there are numerous benefits:

  • Easy to install – no need to dig up your garden
  • Quick to install – just plug and play
  • Non disruptive – just place the water feature in your garden
  • Minimal installation cost – no need to connect to mains water or mains power
  • Minimal ongoing cost – no mains power cost
  • Minimal maintenance – self contained so very little maintenance required
  • Environmentally friendly – powered by the sun
  • Easy to re- position – you can move the water feature at any time (As long as the solar panel can see the sun)

All our water features are solar powered and self contained. So if you want to add an easy to install fountain or waterfall to your garden then pick from our full range.