Types of Water Features

A water feature makes an ideal focal point for your garden. There are many styles to choose from including traditional, modern, decorative and contemporary. A water feature adds life to a garden by creating movement. The sound of water is also relaxing giving you a feeling of well being.

A water feature adds another dimension to your garden. In particular some water features also include a light which means that your water feature lights up at night which creates different effects at different times of day.

The main two types of water features are waterfalls and fountains:


A waterfall is designed to move water from a higher level to a lower level. This then creates a cascading effect with the sound of running water. Waterfalls can have a number of tiers and water cascades through the tiers to the bottom. Water is then pumped back to the top and the cascading process starts again.


A fountain is designed to push water upwards. Fountains can forcefully push water upwards creating a dramatic effect or fountains can have a gentle motion where water just bubbles upwards creating a babbling sound.  Another option is a birdbath with a fountain. This is an attractive feature which is also functional and attracts wildlife to your garden.