We specialise in small waterfalls for your patio, small garden, deck, balcony or any small space. All our waterfalls are outdoor, solar powered, self contained and easy to install. For a simple way to add a water feature to your small garden choose one of our stylish waterfalls. See our range below:

Our solar powered water features for small gardens come in many different designs including terracotta jug and bowls, terracotta pitcher, metal spouts and pools, ceramic oil jar, ceramic lily pad and tree trunk birdbath. We offer outdoor garden water features with lights allowing you to enjoy your water feature at night. Some include battery backups so that you can enjoy your water feature even on dull days.

Our range includes waterfalls which are not only easy to install but are also easy to position or move. Because there is no need to connect to the mains water or mains power you have the freedom to place your waterfall anywhere you choose as long as the solar panel has sunlight. Solar powered outdoor water features also means eco friendly and no running costs.

If you like to relax in your garden then the sound of running water creates a soothing environment which is ideal for improving your well being. And an added bonus is that you will also attract wildlife into your garden allowing you to get closer to nature.

So if you’re looking for simple water features for the backyard then check out our full range. We have terracotta, metal and ceramic cascading waterfalls. 

We offer quality water features for small gardens including Aqua Moda, Primrose and Smart Solar.

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